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Our History


Delmo Molinari started as a die maker with little more than a toolbox and a basic philosophy about giving his customers more value than they expected.

In 1953, Delmo Molinari started Punch Press Products and his vision has since been unfolding for decades, yet the fundamental philosophy of value has not changed.

Who we are


Punch Press Products is the largest metal stamping company in the west coast.

Our dynamic growth has come from a wide range of customers. We have an impressive track record in markets as diverse as television, lighting, large appliances, heavy-duty truck, automotive, computer, consumer electronics, military, and industrial hardware. Our reputation for on-time delivery and worry-free production are only surpassed by the innovation we provide to our customers.


  • Unsurpassed engineering
  • Medium to high production runs
  • In-house design, manufacture, and maintenance of tooling
  • Presses up to 800 tons with bed sizes up to 131" x 66"
  • Coil handling capability up to 60" wide and thickness from .012" to .312"
  • Complete tool & die shop
  • CNC machining & wire EDM specialists
  • Flexibility to adapt your tooling to our presses
  • 150,000 sq. ft. facility located in the heart of industrial L.A.
  • Welded assembly using MIG, resistance, & friction welding technologies
  • CAD/CAM design, 3-D solid modeling and FEA capabilities
  • Electronic file transfer via DXF or IGES formats
  • EDI digital data transfer capabilities
  • Integrated business systems on LAN
  • Fully computerized tracking capabilities
  • Delivery within 80 mile radius
  • Routinely process HRP&O, cold rolled, stainless, galvanized and tin free steel
  • Also process aluminum, brass, and copper


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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Punch Press Products

2035 East 51st Street

Los Angeles, CA 90058

+ 1 (323) 581-7151